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artful, easy & Delicious

Traditional French-style caramels made for modern tastes and attitudes

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a novel confection

Tender, buttery caramels capture the youthful, carefree spirit of Paris in seasonal, modern flavors. Our sweets are made in-house seasonally using traditional French technique and local and organic ingredients.

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c'est bon society

Quelle Surprise! A caramel subscription like no other.

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uncommon caramels

Reinventing the way traditional French-style caramel is experienced and enjoyed


Taking inspiration from fresh, unexpected placeswe create unforgettable flavors to savor and enjoy.


We source the best organic and local ingredients to deliver unparalleled quality and irresistible flavor.


By slowly combining butter, sugar, and cream in traditional copper pots, our caramels develop velvety, rich flavor and a tender bite.

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