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Developing unexpected and original new flavors is what we love most. Here are some of our favorite year-round and seasonal flavors. We’re whipping up fresh recipes all the time—subscribe to C’est Bon Society to try them all.
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Classic Sea Salt
The Crowd Pleaser - Classic never tasted so new

Honey Lavender
French Floral - Inspired by the French countryside

For Chocolate Lovers - An Italian-inspired treat made with velvety dark chocolate and robust coffee.

Mango Passionfruit
The Parisian’s Favorite - Lush tropical fruits spiced with zesty ginger and green cardamom


Champagne Problems
Full-bodied & Fruity - Champagne and blood oranges sparkle with scintillating charm

Sir Earl Grey
Afternoon Delight - Premium tea leaves, Ojai wildflower honey and citrusy bergamot

Cider & Spice
Fresh-Picked Nostalgia - Sweet apple cider, bright orange peel, and warm cinnamon

Pumpkin & Spice
Autumn Classic - Velvety pumpkin cream, with fresh-ground spices and rich molasses

Rosemary's Baby
Surprise! - Delicate lavender and bright lemon cream with peppery rosemary and licorice

Holiday Mint
Wintertime Sparkle - Fresh spearmint leaves in sweet peppermint cream

White Peppercorn Gingerbread
Winter Warmer - Classic gingerbread with a sweet, peppery punch of complex flavor

Asian glow
Flush with Flavor- A trio inspired by late nights in Tokyo and rosy feelings of friendship
Cherry Wine
Big & Easy - Dark fruit flavor from Napa Valley cabernet with warm Madagascar vanilla
It’s Beer in Japanese - Echigo Koshihikari lager, persimmon cream, and spring ginger
Lemon pear
Mellow Yellow - A springtime delight with Meyer lemons, buttery pears and warm vanilla
Punk banana
Tokyo Style - Buttery caramel and roasted bananas, spiked with premium crème de banane
Tiger mom
Doesn’t Disappoint - A striped delight with sleek chocolate caramel and juicy blood orange layers
Rose Gold Rosé
A Perfect Pairing - Refreshing citrus with a splash of rosé, Bulgarian rose and glimmering edible gold leaf
Chili Mango
Alright, Alright, Alright - This is the Matthew McConaughey of caramels
Eat the Rich...
Skip the Cake - An extravagant lemon ginger sweet that’d make even Marie Antoinette blush
Simple & Bright - Sunny Eureka lemons give this caramel a tart and refreshing twist
Actchually - Classic and chocolate caramels layered with crushed potato chips
Silver Fox
Rich & Handsome - Coffee-infused with oaky whisky notes and eye-catching edible silver