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Developing unexpected and original new flavors is what we love most. Here are some of our favorite year-round and seasonal flavors. We’re whipping up fresh recipes all the time—subscribe to C’est Bon Society to try them all.
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Classic Sea Salt
The Crowd Pleaser - Classic never tasted so new

Honey Lavender
French Floral - Inspired by the French countryside

Bitten Peach
My Love Language Is Food - Ripe peaches and warm Chinese five spice in an ode to the story of Mizi Xia

For Chocolate Lovers - An Italian-inspired treat made with velvety dark chocolate and robust coffee.


Sir Earl Grey
Afternoon Delight - Premium tea leaves, Ojai wildflower honey and citrusy bergamot

Champagne Problems
Full-bodied & Fruity - Champagne and blood oranges sparkle with scintillating charm

Cider & Spice
Fresh-Picked Nostalgia - Sweet apple cider, bright orange peel, and warm cinnamon

POG Champ
The OG - Passionfruit, orange, and guava are back together for this nostalgic summertime staple that tastes just as sweet and beachy as you remember

Tart & Tantalizing - Bitter Seville oranges blended with fragrant orange blossoms

Banana Melt
Tokyo Style - Buttery caramel and roasted bananas, spiked with premium crème de banane

Pumpkin & Spice
Autumn Classic - Velvety pumpkin cream, with fresh-ground spices and rich molasses

Spiced Gingerbread
Winter Warmer - Classic gingerbread with a sweet, peppery punch of complex flavor
Strawberry Sakura
Cheery Blossom - the juiciest strawberries California has to offer with the bright aroma of sakura blossoms
Ube White Chocolate
Creamy & Dreamy - Soft and nutty with just a hint of vanilla, ube makes the perfect companion for our rich blend of velvety cocoa butter and cream
Rose Gold Rosé
A Perfect Pairing - Refreshing citrus with a splash of rosé, Bulgarian rose and glimmering edible gold leaf
Wild Violet
Vivid Verdure - Stained by bold cassis berries and lush creme de violette liqueur, this caramel is juicy, floral, and delicately tart
Thai Tea
Hold The Boba - This craveable blend of sweet spices, condensed milk, and black tea is the perfect example of how sometimes, something is popular for a reason!
Pineapple Li Hing
Crack Seed Classic - Tangy caramel made with pan-seared pineapple with a generous topping of Lin’s Li Hing Mui Powder
Deux Peres
It’s a Dad Joke - Buttery Bartlett pear and prickly pear cactus, sealed with a cherry kiss of Luxardo liqueur
Osmanthus Oolong
Cozy Company - Sweet, heady florals steep with rich oolong tea and soft notes of honeyed stone fruit.
Hibiscus Haze
Balanced Botanicals - Unwind with this meditative blend of tart hibiscus, calming lavender, and aromatic clove.
Yuzu Sake
Flush With Flavor - Delicate Japanese citrus adds clean, crisp, floral notes to counter the silky richness of Kurosawa sake
Fei Jai
The Little Rascal - With a taste of Almond Jello, a classic Cantonese dessert, this caramel will transport you back to Grandma’s kitchen
Peppermint Mocha
'Lil Saint Mint - All the comfort of a rich cup of cocoa with the rousing magic of coffee, topped with a sprinkle of crushed candy cane